Location, Hotel Jardim do Mar

Airport - Funchal - Ribeira Brava - Calheta - Calheta - Jardim do Mar (Hotel is situated beside the church)

Hotel Jardim do Mar is located in the southwest of Madeira, in Calheta, 45 minutes from the international airport. Here we are near the sea, where you can surf and wathching the waves and the fabulous sunset.

To arrive at the Hotel Jardim do Mar from the airport:

On leaving the airport take the motorway towards Ribeira Brava;

Arriving at Ribeira Brava to continue the route to the Calheta;

At the roundabout in Calheta, should continue on the road to the Pleasures and find a tablet with "Sea Garden".

Then you must follow the tablets with "Sea Garden";

The hotel is situated in the center of the village of Jardim do Mar, next to the church

GPS coordinates: 32.737599, -17.211626